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Gerald Kann's Tree Farm is 115 acres located north of Sparta in Monroe County.  He purchased the first 80 acres in 1973 and in 1984 purchased an adjoining 40ty.  At the time, he owned a funeral home in Sparta, Kann Funeral Home, and was a co-owner of a custom tree planting buisness.  He and his business partner planted over 300,000 tree seedlings and shrubs on private lands in Monroe and La Crosse Counties, including his own property.  These tree plantings were primarily for establishing trees the USDA's Conservation Reserve Program (CRP).  Gerald would share his experience and tree planting knowledge with these landowners, encouraging them to use a root gel/dip to keep roots from drying out in the planting process to increase survival rates.

Shortly after he purchased his property he started working with the Federl Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS) local office and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resrouces (WI DNR)local forestry office, to gain knowledge. information and resources to start managing the property.   Originally the western part of the property, along Highway "B", was farm land.  East of the field was steeper terrain and was wooded.  Now, all of the property is wooded except for a cabin site, a food plot and a small wildlife pond.  The Tree Farm was entered into the Wisconsin Managed Forest Law program in 2000.

For approximately 25 years, a portion of the farm field was planted with conifers to be sold as Christmas Trees, as "Choos and Cut" opertion.  Around 2006, Gerald phased out his Christmas Trees and converted the area to a conifer tree plantation.  His "Choose and Cut" Christmas Tree operation was recognied as part of the field trip for the National Christmas Tree Association meeting in 1994.  It has also been "showcased" durng annual Rotary picnic events and when members of the convertible club, he is active in, visit his property.

In addition to planting and growing trees, Kann has had several commerical forest product harvests during his ownership.  Other forestry projects he has completed are timber stand improvement projects, establishing and maintaining woods roads and trails,  and pruning his pine trees.  Additionally he has promoted wildlife habitat by the establishment of a food plot and wildlife pond plus he has buitl and maintained approximately 18 bluebird houses.

As a result of a wind storm, he wrote several articles for plublication in variou magazines including "The Wind" as well as an article describing the history of the Kann property.

Gerald is a "hands on" forest landowner.  You will find him on his property working on projects any time of the year.  One of Gerld's favorite quotes that he applies to himself is from something George Washington wrote:  "growing trees was among the most rational avocations of life."

 As always, the Wisconsin Tree Farm Committee 2015 Annual Fiedl Day will be held on ------ at the Gerald Kann Tree Farm.  More detail to follow.


Wisconsin Tree Farm Committee 2014 Annual Field Day, August 23, 2014

Save the Date.

The Wisconsin Tree Farm Committee invites you to attend the 2014 Annual Field Day, hosted by Merlin and Georgie Becker.  Merlin & Georgie have owned their Tree Farm for thirty-four years with their first forest management plan completed in 1977, with an update in 2011. 

The Becker Tree Farm consistes of pine and other conifers, northern hardwoods, along with some swamp and grasslands.  Merlin, Georgie with their children, Scott and Brenda make up four generations owning the Becker Woodlands.  Merlin's Grandfather, Gust Kapitzke, owned the land originally with the family making their living as farmers.   

Ed and Esther Becker, Merlin's parents took over the farming operation as the next generation.  Ed Realized that the old growth timber on the land had trees dating back over 100 years.  He felt the land was being wasted and not currently productive.  With assistance from the Wisconsin Conservation Department forester in 1967, the first harvest was completed, removing some of the large over mature wolf trees.  Since then the Becker's Woodlands have had 9 different selection harvests, 11 different intermediate thinnings and a few needed salvage cuts.  The volumes for these harvests are 312, 114 board feet and 863 cords.  After many decades of farming the fields, much of the light soils were depleted on nutrients.  Together, Merlin and his father Ed, with many other family memebers decided to plant these areas.  In 1968 they started the planting of red pine, spruce, white pine, cedar, red oak and some shrubs for a total of 33,750 trees, expanding the Becker Woodlands to the current 97 acre Tree Farm.  


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WASHINGTON—The American Tree Farm System® (ATFS), a program of the American Forest Foundation, has named Joe Arington of Wisconsin the 2013 National Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year, an annual sustainable forestry honor sponsored by STIHL, Inc.

Read More Here: www.treefarmsystem.org/joe-arington-2013-national-outstanding-tree-farmer

Wednesday, 17 July 2013 19:24

Latest News On the Farm Bill

The House of Representatives Passes Farm Bill which includes Forestry Provisions. The bill includes a number of provisions for forests, including new market opportunities for forest products, more conservation tools to forest owners, strengthened programs to fight invasive forest pests, and protection for woodland owners from unnecessary permit requirements and regulations on forest roads.

Find out more: http://www.treefarmsystem.org/forests-in-the-farm-bill-

The Wisconsin Tree Farm Committee 2013 Annual Tree Farm Field Day will be held at the Dennis and Kim Schoeneck Tree Farm in Oneida County on August 17, 2013.  The application and directions are attached.

Dennis and Kim's Tree Farm in Oneida County is 225 acres in size and consists of pine, swamp conifers, northern hardwoods and an aspen-birch component.  There are also a few acres of non-productive swamp and grasses.  Consulting Forester, David Czysz, is the nominating forester.

Friday, 03 May 2013 03:18

Advocacy: Clean Water Act

A new issue is threatening family forest owners with burdensome regulations of their forest roads. Because of a recent court ruling in the Northwest, Tree Farmers in Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, California, Arizona, and Nevada will have to obtain Clean Water Act permits for the operation and maintenance of their roads.

Right now, the court ruling only applies to specific states in the Northwest. However, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) could decide to implement this court ruling across the country, subjecting family forest owners everywhere to the same permitting requirements.

Jim and Ann’s are hosting the Wisconsin Tree Farm Committee's annual Tree Farm Field day on their farm located in northeastern Dunn and southwestern Barron on Saturday, June 2nd. Counties. Their current 425 acres consist of 190 acres of pine and other conifers. Northern hardwoods make up 127 acres along with 73 acres of red maple with an oak component.